Acer 310 User Manual

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The Acer Travelmate 310 Series comes standard with 32MB (16MB sol-
dered + 16MB module) of memory. It can be expanded to a maximum of
144MB* by installing the following Viking Components memory options
into its one available expansion slot.
Description Viking P/N
32MB SDRAM Memory Module AC80421, RAC80421
64MB SDRAM Memory Module AC80422, RAC80422
128MB SDRAM Memory Module AC80423, RAC80423
*Requires removal of the standard memory module.
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) can damage electronic components. Before
touching the memory module, ensure that you are discharged of static elec-
tricity by touching a grounded metal object.
1. Turn the computer off and disconnect the AC power supply and any
other cables from the unit.
Note: If the unit appears to be powered down, ensure that it is not in
Suspend mode.
2. Turn the computer upside-down. Remove the battery from the system.
If you are not familiar with this procedure, please refer to your comput-
er ’s “
Owner ’s Manual.”
3. Return the system right side up and open the display screen so that it
is parallel with the surface you are working on. Locate the two keyboard
retaining caps at the right and left side base of the display screen.
Remove both caps by sliding them away from the display screen.
4. Rotate the keyboard
panel towards you and
rest it upside down on the
touch pad panel.
Caution: Do not
remove or place tension
on the cables connecting
the keyboard panel to
the system board.
5. Locate the metal mem-
ory expansion cover
toward the left side of the
open compartment. Also
locate the two holding
screws on the expansion
cover. Remove only
these two screws with a
small Phillips head
6. Remove the expansion
cover by lifting its front
edge toward the display
7. Locate the single memory expansion slot in the open compartment.
Notice the location of the off-center key on the slot. There will also be a
standard memory module
occupying the expansion
slot. In order to expand
the memory on your com-
puter, the standard mem-
ory module will need to
be removed.
8. To remove a memory module,
locate the retaining clips on both
sides of the memory module.
Gently pull both clips away
from the module, then lift the
module out of its expansion slot.
9. To install a memory module, insert the module into an expansion slot
at an angle and then push it down until it clicks into place. To be certain
that the module is installed correctly, ensure that the off-center notch on
the module is aligned with the off-center key of the expansion slot. The
module can only be installed one way due to the position of the notch.
Viking Memory
Manual No. 1005263 • Release 10/98, Rev. A
Travelmate 310 Series