Acer AC100 Server User Manual

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Acer AC100 Server Specifications
Product Overview
The AC100 is a micro server in the true sense of the word. Sporting server-class specs including ECC
memory, Intel Xeon processor support, and an 80 PLUS
high-efficiency power supply, this tiny wonder
brings the datacenter to the desk.
Rear view Front View
Front View – Door Open
1 4 x hot-pluggable hard drives
2 Intel
E3 or Core
i3 or Pentium
series processor
3 2 x DDR3 ECC unbuffered DIMMs
4 6 x USB ports
5 eSATA port
6 Gigabit LAN port (RJ-45)
7 Video port
8 Recovery button
9 Pad lock and Kensington lock slots
What’s New
All new micro form factor that fits anywhere
E3-1200 series processors
Standard 200 W 80 PLUS
bronze-level fixed power supply