Acer DA220HQL Owner's Manual

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Acer Smart Display Quick Start Guide
Important safety instructions
Please read the following instructions carefully.
1 To clean the smart display screen:
Turn off the smart display and unplug the power cord.
Spray a non-solvent cleaning solution onto a rag and clean the screen gently.
2 Do not place the smart display near a window. Exposing the monitor to rain, moisture or sunlight can
severely damage it.
3 Do not apply pressure to the LCD screen. Excessive pressure may cause permanent damage to the
4 Do not remove the cover or attempt to service this unit yourself. An authorized technician should perform
servicing of any nature.
5 Store the smart display in a room with a temperature of -20° to 60° C (-4° to140° F). Storing the smart
display outside this range may result in permanent damage.
6 Immediately unplug your monitor and call an authorized technician if any of the following circumstances
Monitor-to-PC signal cable is frayed or damaged.
Liquid spills onto the smart display or the monitor is exposed to rain.
The smart display or case is damaged.
Package contents
Smart display Power cord and adapter USB cable HDMI cable
Quick start
Connecting your monitor to a computer
1 Turn off your computer and unplug your computer's
power cord.
2 Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI input socket of the
monitor, and the HDMI output socket of the graphics
card on the computer.
3 Optional: Connect the micro USB port of the smart
display and the USB-out port on the computer with the
USB cable.
4 Connect the smart display’s power adapter into the
power port at the back of the monitor.
5 Plug the power cords of your computer and your
monitor into a nearby electrical outlet.
6 Press and hold the power button until the smart
display turns on.
7 To switch to HDMI display, press and hold the power
button to view the OSD, then tap HDMI.
Please refer to the User Guide for information about
setting up your smart display.
Turning on for the first time
You will be asked some questions before you can use your monitor as a smart display.
To set up or access a Google account, connect your smart display to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi access point.
External controls
Power button
Turns the display on/off. Green indicates power on. Amber indicates standby/
power saving mode.
When using the HDMI input, press and hold the power button to view the OSD.
Use the touch screen to select or adjust an option.
To change the volume, press and hold the power button to view the OSD. Slide the Volume bar left or right, then tap
the back icon in the lower-right corner of the OSD.