Acer POWER 2100 User Manual

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Chapter 1 - G et ting Start ed 1-1
Chapter 1 Getting Started
1.1 Preinstallation
The preinsta llat ion proc ess invo lves t he following activit ies :
Selec t ing a sit e
Unpacking components
1.1.1 Selecting a Site
Consid er t he following when select ing a sit e fo r your c o mput er :
Determine the best site for your system. Cable paths should not run near
equipment t hat might c aus e elec t r omagnetic or r ad io fr eq uency inter f er ence
such as radio transmitters, television sets, copy machines, or heating and air
co nd i t io ning e quipment .
Route c ables away fr om personnel and equipment traffic.
A void d ust y ar eas and ex t r emes of t emper at ur e and humidity.
1.1.2 Unpacking Components
Unpack the contents of each box carefully. Save all packing materials in case you
need to mov e or ship t he syst em in the futur e.
Check that all items are present and in good condition. Contact your dealer
immediately if anything is missing or damaged.