Emerson 1- and 3-Pair Protected Terminal Blocks User Manual

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Outside Plant for
Business-Critical Continuity
The 1-pair protected terminal block is made of electrical grade phenolic. The 3-pair
protected terminal block is made of thermoplastic. These fire-resistant blocks provide
high dielectric strength and low moisture absorption. The units have single color-coded
24-gauge PVC insulated wires attached to each terminal post (pair 1 = blue, pair 2 =
orange, pair 3 = green). A stainless bracket for the 1-pair block prevents possible
rotation while mounting on .312-in. (7.94mm) or .687-in. (17.50mm) standard width
Terminal blocks are used in aerial ready-access enclosuress and buried wire cable
pedestals. The units come with gas tube arresters.
1 and 3-Pair
Protected Terminal Blocks
Key Features
Phenolic material provides low
moisture absorption
Raised terminal posts offer high
surface insulation
Interlocking design conserves
OSPDS-061700 / 0510