Emerson 103-1875 KVAR (K841B) Reactive Load Bank Handbook

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Avtron K841B
Reactive Permanent Load Bank - 103 to 1875 KVAR
Testing Your Emergency Standby
Generator with a Load Bank Means
Reliability When it Matters Most.
Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor
Designed for Continuous
Reactive KVAR matches Resistive
KW at 0.8 p.f.
Remote Operator Controls
Non-Saturating Single Phase and
3 Phase Iron Core Reactors
Key Features
Superior Avtron quality combined with
simple operation and maintenance will
provide years of trouble free service.
Avtron’s extensive line of Load Bank and
Industrial Resis tor Products are solid
performers used throughout the world.
For total technical support or additional
information, please contact Avtron at
(216) 573-7600 or [email protected]
Quality System Certified to ISO 9001
The Avtron Model K841B Load Bank is designed for indoor
and outdoor installation for use with resistive load bank.
The Avtron K841B load bank is designed to be used in combination with resistive load banks to
provide loading of AC power sources at less than unity power factor. The K841B is used to test
diesel generator sets, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), and other AC power sources that
require testing at less than 1.0 p.f.
Application example: An inductive/reactive load bank is intended to be used in conjunction with
a resistive load bank to test a generator or power source at 0.8 power factor (p.f.) (lagging). To
achieve a 0.8 p.f., the reactive load bank should be sized at 75% of the resistive load bank KW
rating. The resistive and reactive load banks are connected and operated in parallel.
The load bank contains single phase and 3 phase iron core reactors and a blower motor housed in a
rigid structure of formed heavy gauge steel. Designed for indoor or outdoor installation, the K841B
is equipped with inlet screens between the structural members in the bottom of the unit. Channels
provided in the base structure facilitate handling by forklift truck from all four directions.
The K841B load bank is available from 103 to 1875 KVAR with load steps ranging from 3.75 to 375
KVAR. Standard voltage ratings are 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz and dual voltage units of 240/480
volts. The load bank is designed for 480 volts, 60 Hz operation may be operated at 380-415 volts,
50 Hz, with load steps derated at approximately 86% of the rated KVAR load steps.
A standard 19" [482.6] rack mounted control panel is provided and is available with an optional
enclosure. The control circuit and cooling fan power is 120 volts, single phase, 60 Hz.
K841B 1125 KVAR
Permanent Reactive
Avtron Load Bank.