Emerson 1301 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators Owner's Manual

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Types 1301F and 1301G
Instruction Manual
Form 1111
December 2013
Failure to follow these instructions or
to properly install and maintain this
equipment could result in an explosion,
re and/or chemical contamination
causing property damage and personal
injury or death.
regulators must be installed,
operated, and maintained in accordance
with federal, state and local codes, rules
and regulations, and Fisher instructions.
If the regulator vents gas or a leak
develops in the system, service to the unit
may be required. Failure to correct trouble
could result in a hazardous condition.
Installation, operation, and maintenance
procedures performed by unquali ed
personnel may result in improper
adjustment and unsafe operation. Either
condition may result in equipment
damage or personal injury. Use quali ed
personnel when installing, operating,
and maintaining the 1301 Series high-
pressure regulator.
Scope of the Manual
This Instruction Manual provides instructions for the
installation, adjustment, maintenance, and parts ordering
of the Types 1301F and 1301G high-pressure regulators.
Product Description
Types 1301F and 1301G regulators are direct-operated,
high-pressure regulators, which can be used where
high-pressure gas must be reduced for use as pilot
1301 Series High-Pressure Regulators
supply pressure in pilot-operated regulators or as
loading pressure in pressure-loaded regulators.
Types 1301F and 1301G regulators can also be used
in many other applications due to their rugged design
as high-pressure reducing regulators for various  uids
such as air, gas, water, and other liquids.
The Type 1301F can handle outlet pressures from
10 to 225 psig / 0.69 to 15.5 bar in three ranges and
the Type 1301G can handle outlet pressures from
200 to 500 psig / 13.8 to 34.5 bar in one range.
Figure 1. Type 1301F High-Pressure Regulator