Emerson 1305 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators Handbook

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1305 Series
Instruction Manual
Form 1095
October 2009
1305 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators
regulators must be installed,
operated, and maintained in accordance
with federal, state, and local codes, rules
and regulations, and Emerson Process
Management Regulator Technologies,
Inc. instructions.
If the regulator vents gas or a leak
develops in the system, service to
the unit may be required. Failure
to correct trouble could result in a
hazardous condition.
Call a gas service person to service
the unit. Only a qualied person must
install or service the regulator.
The 1305 Series regulators are direct-operated,
pressure-reducing regulators that resist hydrate
formation and regulator freeze-up. Regulator
freeze-up resistance occurs as the pipeline gas
warms the nned inlet adaptor and the orice area.
As the gas cools within the inlet adaptor due to
pressure drop and volume expansion, the warm inlet
adaptor helps keep the gas temperature above the
freezing point of water and the hydrate formation
temperature. The regulators are suitable for service
with natural gas, air, propane, and other gases
compatible with the internal parts.
Type 1305C—1 NPT inlet and 1/4 NPT outlet
connections; 5/64-inch (2,0 mm) orice diameter.
Three springs provide 0 to 225 psig (0 to 15,5 bar)
reduced pressure ranges.
Type 1305D—same as Type 1305C except with larger
spring case and just one heavy spring for reduced
pressure range of 200 to 500 psig (13,8 to 34,5 bar).
Principle of Operation
Downstream pressure is sensed by the diaphragm
(see Figure 3) through a registration hole in the
bafe. When downstream pressure rises, pressure
under the diaphragm overcomes the spring
compression and moves the valve lever upward.
This action pushes the valve disk closer to the
orice, reducing ow through the body. Downstream
pressure returns to the setpoint value. When
downstream pressure decreases, the opposite action
takes place. The valve disk moves away from the
orice, ow through the body increases, and the
downstream pressure returns to the setpoint value.
Figure 1. 1305 Series Regulator with Tapped Lower
Casing Connection