Emerson 1367 High-Pressure Instrument Supply System User Manual

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Bulletin 71.1:1367
February 2013
Type 1367 High-Pressure Instrument Supply
System with Overpressure Protection
The Type 1367 high-pressure instrument supply
system takes a pressure of up to 2000 psig / 138 bar
and reduces it to a controlled pressure to be used
for supplying a pneumatic instrument. This system
consists of the following  lters, regulators, and
relief valves:
A Type 252 extended body lter with drain valve.
A rst-stage Type 1301F regulator with mounting
bracket for an actuator yoke or casing.
A Type H120 relief valve mounted in the side
outlet of the Type 1301F regulator.
A second-stage Type 67CF  lter-style regulator,
mounted on the Type 1301F regulator.
A Type H800 or H120 relief valve nipple-mounted
in the outlet of the Type 67CF regulator.
Figure 1. Type 1367 High-Pressure Instrument Supply System
Regulation and Overpressure Protection in
One Complete Package — This system provides
two-stage pressure reduction with a non-adjustable
relief valve matched to each regulator.
Installation Flexibility — The Type 1367 system
can be ordered for mounting on either the yoke or
casing of an actuator.
NACE Capabilities — For sour gas applications,
the Type 1367 system is available in materials
that comply with the recommendations of NACE
International standard MR0175.
Capability for Continuous Moisture Removal
The drain valves can be removed from both the
Type 252 lter and the Type 67CF  lter-style
regulator, and tubing installed to provide
continuous drains.