Emerson 1400 Series Caps User Manual

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1400 Series Cable Caps
154100-Caps / 0712
These neoprene or TPR caps seal off open cable ends. Caps with air valves retain a nominal
air pressure of five to fifteen pounds. The adjustable stainless steel band clamps enable
caps to be used effectively on cable .250 inches (6.35mm) to .500 inches (12.70mm)
smaller than the cap’s inside diameter. All caps are 4.0 inches (101.60mm) long.
2" Cable Cap With Air Valve
3" Cable Cap Without Air Valve
.5" Cable Cap With Air Valve
Ordering Information
Diameter of Cap
With Air Valve
1405V F012995 .500" (12.77mm)
1407V F013000 .750" (19.05mm)
1410V F013010 1.00" (25.40mm)
1415V F013020 1.50" (38.10mm)
1420V F013030 2.00" (50.80mm)
1430V F013050 3.00" (76.20mm)
Without Air Valve
1405 F012895 .500" (12.77mm)
1407 F012900 .750" (19.05mm)
1410 F012910 1.00" (25.40mm)
1415 F012920 1.50" (38.10mm)
1420 F012930 2.00" (50.80mm)
1425 F012940 2.50" (63.50mm)
1430 F012950 3.00" (76.20mm)