Emerson 150 KW (LPH150) Load Bank User Manual

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Avtron LPH150S
Compact, Portable Load Bank - 150 KW
Testing Your Emergency Standby
Generator with a Load Bank Means
Reliability When it Matters Most.
Rated for Continuous Operation
Network Capability: Control up
to 12 Load Banks with a Single
Hand-Held Controller
Control up to 1800 KW with a
Single Controller
Compact, Portable, Easy to
Transport and Operate
Large Load Capacity - up to
150 KW
Rugged Aluminized Steel
Enclosure with Casters
Digital Operator Controls with
Metering and 16 Point Load
Data Logging available when
purchased with Sigma™ PC
Key Features
Superior Avtron quality combined with
simple operation and maintenance will
provide years of trouble free service.
Avtron’s extensive line of Load Bank and
Industrial Resis tor Products are solid
performers used throughout the world.
For total technical support or additional
information, please contact Avtron at
(216) 573-7600 or LBsales@Emerson.com.
Quality System Certified to ISO 9001
The Avtron Model LPH150S Load Bank is a portable, self-
contained AC resistive model designed for indoor use.
The Avtron LPH150S Load Bank gives users the freedom of a high capacity load in a compact
package. The LPH150S is ideal for routine testing and maintenance of AC power sources such
as stand-by emergency generators and UPS systems. This load bank provides a full 150 KW at
480 VAC or 240 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz.
This versatile load bank weighs approx. 220 lbs. [99 kg] and is approx. half the weight and size
of traditional load banks of similar capacity. The load bank features horizontal air discharge to
provide a low profile design. Quick-connect load terminals and simple operation allow the load
bank to be set up and operated by a single technician, saving valuable time in the field.
The load bank controls and cooling fans are powered by any standard 120 VAC, single phase
wall outlet with detachable line cord provided. An integral control panel includes the necessary
controls and status indicators.
The entire control of the LPH150S is via the Intelligent Hand-Held Terminal (IHT). The IHT
provides all control and metering functions along with network capability to control multiple
load banks.
LPH150S 150 KW Portable
Avtron Load Bank shown with
IHT Hand-Held Terminal.