Emerson 1805 Series Relief Valves Handbook

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1805 Series
Instruction Manual
Form 1211
October 2011
1805 Series Relief Valves
Failure to follow these instructions or
to properly install and maintain this
equipment could result in an explosion
and/or re causing property damage and
personal injury or death.
relief valves must be installed,
operated and maintained in accordance
with federal, state, and local codes, rules
and regulations, and Emerson Process
Management Regulator Technologies,
Inc. instructions.
If a leak develops or if the outlet
continually vents gas, service to the unit
may be required.
Failure to correct trouble could result in
a hazardous condition. Only a qualied
person must install or service the unit.
Call a gas service person to service the
unit. Only a qualied person must install
or service the 1805 Series Relief Valves.
Scope of the Manual
This Instruction Manual provides installation,
adjustment, maintenance, and parts ordering
information for 1805 Series relief valves.
The 1805 Series relief valves are primarily designed
for use in farm tap applications where a safety relief
valve is needed between the rst and second stage
regulators. The 1805 Series is suitable for service on
Figure 1. 1805 Series Relief Valve
natural gas, air, propane, or any operating medium that
is not corrosive to the internal parts. Relief pressure
ranges from 5 to 125 psi / 0,34 to 8,6 bar. Maximum
pressure, including buildup, is 150 psi / 10,3 bar.
The Specications section lists the specications for
the 1805 Series relief valve. The following information
is stamped on the relief valve at the factory: type
number, date of manufacture, spring range, maximum
inlet pressure, and maximum allowable inlet pressure.