Emerson 1805 Series Relief Valves User Manual

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Bulletin 71.4:1805
October 2011
Type 1805-2
1805 Series Relief Valves
The 1805 Series relief valves are designed for use
in farm tap applications where a safety relief valve is
needed between the rst and second stage regulators.
The 1805 Series is suitable for natural gas, air,
propane, or any operating medium that is not corrosive
to the internal parts. Relief pressures range from 5
to 125 psig / 0,34 to 8,6 bar. Maximum pressure,
including buildup, is 150 psig / 10,3 bar.
Tight Shutoff—Provided by the Nitrile (NBR)
O-ring and O-ring seat.
Easy Maintenance—The union nut allows quick
removal of the cage assembly for trim inspection.
The valve can be back in operation in a matter
of minutes.
Simple Adjustment—A single adjusting screw is
used to meet individual application requirements.
Complete Venting—A closing cap is available if
all venting must be piped away.
Sour Gas Service Capability—Optional materials
are available for applications handling sour gases.
These constructions comply with the
recommendations of the NACE International
Standards MR0175 and MR0103.
Figure 1. Typical 1805 Relief Valves
Type 1805-4