Emerson 210-2002 User Manual

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Wall-Mounted Dewpoint Sensor
Product Information Sheet
Input Status Screen
Figure 1 - Sensor and Input Board Wiring
The 210-2002 is a Vaporstat™ wall-mounted
dewpoint sensor. The sensor is designed for
measuring indoor or outside dewpoint or absolute
humidity level.
Sensor Wiring
1. For wiring the dewpoint sensor to a CPC
input board, use Belden #8761 shielded two-
conductor cable or equivalent.
2. Connect the BLACK and WHITE wires to the
screw terminals on the sensor’s connector as
shown in
Figure 1
(connect BLACK to Signal
Ground and WHITE to 0-5V Output). Clip the
SHIELD wire.
3. Connect the SHIELD and BLACK wires to the
0V terminal of the input board. Connect the
WHITE wire to the SIG terminal of the input
4. Connect 24VAC (a separate 120VAC/24VAC
transformer must be used P/N 640-0039) to
the power terminal on the dewpoint sensor
back plate using the BLACK and WHITE wires.
(This 24VAC transformer must only be used
to power this dewpoint sensor. Do not use
this transformer to power additional
5. Locate the input dip switch for the sensor
point, and set to the OFF position (LEFT for
MultiFlex, DOWN for 16AI). Refer to the input
board’s user manual for locations of the
input dip switches.
Controller Setup
DO NOT set this sensor up with a sensor type
of “Dewpoint”; that setting is only for CPC
Dewpoint Probes (P/N 203-1902). This
dewpoint sensor MUST be set up as a
sensor type.
1. After logging into the controller, press
6 + to open the Input Status screen or
press the
I key, (System
(Input Summary). (If
using an Einstein, press
(ACTIONS) from
the Home screen. Press
(System Setup).
(Input and Output Point Setup).
(Input Summary) to open the Input
Summary screen.)
Wall-Mounted Dewpoint Sensor
Product Information Sheet