Emerson 2500 Frame Series Single-Vertical Distribution Sys User Manual

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Outside Plant for
Business-Critical Continuity
The 2500 Frame Series from Emerson is a single-sided, single-vertical modular distribution
system. Its versatile configuration can meet a variety of pair sizing requirements.
For protection, the frame mounts R399 100-pair central office connectors. For equipment
terminations, the frame will mount any conventional front-facing line terminal blocks with
8-in. mounting centers, including 89 type blocks and Emerson 2376 blocks. For building
entrance applications, the 2500 Frame accommodates 66-clip termination.
Each vertical of the 8-ft. frame has ten block positions, which allows a maximum of 1000
protected pairs per vertical. The frame is floor or wall mounted, comprised of one vertical,
one horizontal jumper trough for wire distribution to adjacent verticals, multiple jumper
retainers for wire management, and top trough and bottom guide for conventional wire
This versatile series can mount either an R399, a line terminal block, or a horizontal jumper
trough in any block position, allowing for any combination of protected and equipment
blocks on each frame. Multiple frames can be suitably spaced and connected together
to meet the required application size. Each frame module has jumper access to adjacent
modules through the use of horizontal or top jumper troughs.
Splice brackets are provided for multiple frame
installations to tie them together on 9-in. centers.
This series is also available in a 7-ft. version.
The 2500 Frame Series is designed specifically
for small frame applications from 100 pair up to
15,000 pair. This frame provides optimum protec-
tion/cross connection capabilities for:
Central Office
CLEC Applications
Building Entrance Installations
Remote Terminals
2500 Frame Series
Single-Vertical Distribution System
Key Features
Single-sided system allows all
frame administration to be
performed on one side
Common jumper trough permits
short jumpers for labor savings
Modular design is easily expanded
Frame is factory pre-assembled for
quick, easy installation
Versatile block mounting can be
configured to all pair requirements
Frame is offered with one vertical
and can be used as a double-sided
aisle mount
OSPDS-100300 / 0710
Three Frames