Emerson 330 Surge Protective Device (formerly PowerSure LP User Manual

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Limited Warranty
Surge Protection Products
This Warranty is given ONLY to purchasers who buy for commercial or industrial use in the ordinary course of each
purchaser's business.
ASCO Power Technologies, LP products and s ystems are in our opinion the finest available. We take pride in o ur products and are
pleased that you have chosen them. Under certain circumstances we offer with our products the following Five Year Limited
Warranty Against Defects in Material and Workmanship.
Please read your Warranty carefully. This Warranty sets forth our responsibilities in the unlikely event of defect and tells you how to
obtain performance under this Warranty.
ASCO Products Covered:
This five year limited warranty covers all ASCO Surge Protecti on products which are not subject to ASCO’s standard one (1) year
warranty (document WS-70100) or ten (10) year warranty (document WS-07102). Copies of all warranties are available at
Terms of Warranty:
The foregoing Limited Warranty is conditioned upon User’s compliance with the following:
1. The ASCO Product is installed in accordance with ASCO specifications and state and local codes and standards in the state
of installation.
2. The ASCO Product is maintained in accordance with ASCO instructions and used under normal conditions for the purposes
intended by ASCO.
As provided herein, the ASCO product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years
from the date of shipment. The product shipment date will be determined only from the ASCO bill of lading. If any part or portion of
the ASCO product fails to conform to the Warranty within the Warranty period, ASCO, at its option, will furnish new or factory
remanufactured products for repair or replacement of that portion or part. This is a parts Warranty ONLY that does not include
services; all services shall be provided by a qualified service provider.
Warranty Extends to First Purchaser for Use, Non-transferable:
This Warranty is extended to the first person, firm, association or corporation for whom the ASCO product specified herein is
originally installed for use (the "User") in the fifty United States or Canada. This Warranty is not transferable or assignable without
the prior written permission of ASCO.
Assignment of Warranties:
ASCO assigns to User any warranties which are made by manufacturers and suppliers of components of, or accessories to, the
ASCO product and which are assignable, but ASCO makes NO REPRESENTATIONS as to the effectiveness or extent of such
warranties, assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any matters which may be warranted by such manufacturers or suppliers and
extends no coverage under this Warranty to such components or accessories.
Drawings, Descriptions:
ASCO warrants for the period and on the terms of the Warranty set forth herein that the ASCO product will conform to the
descriptions contained in the certified drawings, if any, applicable thereto, to ASCO's final invoices, and to applicable ASCO product
brochures and manuals current as of the date of product shipment (“Descriptions”). ASCO does not control the use of any ASCO
product. Accordingly, it is understood that the Descriptions are NOT WARRANTIES OF PERFORM ANCE and NOT WARRANTIES
Warranty Claims Procedure:
Within a reasonable time, but in no case to exceed thirty (30) days, after User's discovery of a defect, User shall contact ASCO at
(800) 288-6169 or [email protected]
and request a return authorization number. User shall ship the product to ASCO
freight prepaid. ASCO products shipped without a return autho rization number will be refused and returned f reight collect to U ser at
User's expense. ASCO products shipped by User which have incurred freight damage due to User's improper packaging of the
product will not be covered by this Warranty and any repairs or replacement parts, components or p roducts needed will be invoiced
in the full current price amount and returned freight collect to User.
Subject to the limitations specified herein, ASCO will repair or replace, at its option, without charge for materials, subsequent to its
inspection and F.O.B. ASCO's facility, the product shipped to ASCO with a return authorization number and warranted hereunder