Emerson 410VP User Manual

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Pressure and Temperature:
Wetted materials: Unfilled PEEK, 316L stainless steel, EP (option 22 only). PEEK meets 21CFR177.2415. EP meets
Surface finish: 16 microinch (0.4 micron) Ra (except electrode surfaces)
Steam sterilization: tolerates SIP to 284°F (140°C)
Model 410VP
Four-electrode Conductivity Sensor
Instruction Sheet
PN 51A-410VP/rev.D
February 2013
The wetted sensor materials may not be compatible
with process com position and operating conditions.
Application compat ibility is entirely the responsibility
of the user.
The 410VP sensor is available with four process connections: 1½ inch Tri-Clamp
, 2-inch Tri-Clamp, G 1¼, and Varivent N
Gaskets and clamps for the Tri-Clamp and Varivent connections must be supplied by the user.
Install the sensor so that the electrodes are completely immersed in the process liquid. Avoid installing the sensor in places
where air bubbles are likely to get trapped or sediment is likely to accumulate on the electrodes. Generally, mounting the
sensor in a vertical pipe run is best. If the sensor must be installed in a horizontal pipe, place the sensor in the 3 o’clock
position. Keep at least 1.0 inch (25 mm) clearance between the end of the sensor and the opposite pipe wall.
To keep response time as fast as possible, do not install the sensor in dead legs or areas where circulation is poor.
Tri-Clamp is a registered trademark of Alfa Laval, Inc.
Varivent is a registered trademark of Tuchenhagen, GmbH.
Before removing the sensor, be absolutely certain
that the process pressure is reduced to 0 psig and
the process temperature is lowered to a safe level!
For additional information, please refer to the Instruction Manuals CD shipped with this
product, or visit our website at www/rosemountanalytical.