Emerson 412 & 2500 Series User Manual

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412 Series Signs
153700-Signs / 0712
The 412 (4 x 12 inch) series warning signs are available for telephone, CATV, and fiber
optic buried cable and cable routes.
The telephone and CATV buried cable signs are vertical warning signs available in steel or
aluminum. Both steel and aluminum versions have black print over a yellow background,
and a clear coating for durability. The steel version has a pressure sensitive label attached
to a painted (green) plate. The aluminum version is silk screened onto the plate.
The horizontal 412 cable route signs are aluminum and have black print over a yellow
background, and a clear coating.
Fiber optic cable warning signs are available in aluminum only. These signs have black
print over an orange background and a clear coating.
1SP41232 (Aluminum)
Ordering Information
1SP41232 F607050 Cable route sign (yellow) Aluminum
1DC4123 F606920 Buried cable sign, CATV (yellow) Steel
1SP4121 F607000 Buried cable sign, Independent (yellow) Aluminum
1DC41247 F607070 Buried cable sign, CATV (yellow) Aluminum
1SP41233 F607060 Buried cable splice sign (yellow) Aluminum
1SP4121FIBER F607001 Buried fiber optic cable sign, Independent (orange) Aluminum
ALP358 F601765 412 series sign mounting hardware Additional mounting hardware
Note: Mounting hardware is included.