Emerson 5081T-FF/FI User Manual

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Model 5081T-FF/FI
Instruction Sheet
PN 51A-5081T-FF/FI/rev.A
November 2005
Your purchase from Rosemount Analytical, Inc. has result-
ed in one of the finest instruments available for your par-
ticular application. These instruments have been
designed, and tested to meet many national and interna-
tional standards. Experience indicates that its perform-
ance is directly related to the quality of the installation and
knowledge of the user in operating and maintaining the
instrument. To ensure their continued operation to the
design specifications, personnel should read this manual
thoroughly before proceeding with installation, commis-
sioning, operation, and maintenance of this instrument. If
this equipment is used in a manner not specified by the
manufacturer, the protection provided by it against haz-
ards may be impaired.
Failure to follow the proper instructions may cause any
one of the following situations to occur: Loss of life; per-
sonal injury; property damage; damage to this instru-
ment; and warranty invalidation.
Ensure that you have received the correct model and
options from your purchase order. Verify that this manu-
al covers your model and options. If not, call 1-800-
854-8257 or 949-757-8500 to request correct manual.
For clarification of instructions, contact your Rosemount
Follow all warnings, cautions, and instructions marked
on and supplied with the product.
Use only qualified personnel to install, operate, update,
program and maintain the product.
Educate your personnel in the proper installation, oper-
ation, and maintenance of the product.
Install equipment as specified in the Installation section
of this manual. Follow appropriate local and national
codes. Only connect the product to electrical and pres-
sure sources specified in this manual.
Use only factory documented components for repair.
Tampering or unauthorized substitution of parts and
procedures can affect the performance and cause
unsafe operation of your process.
All equipment doors must be closed and protective cov-
ers must be in place unless qualified personnel are per-
forming maintenance.
If this equipment is used in a manner not specified by
the manufacturer, the protection provided by it against
hazards may be impaired.
To prevent ignition of flammable or combustible
atmospheres, disconnect power before servicing
or understand and adhere to the manufacturer's
live maintenance procedures.
Substitution of components may impair Intrinsic
Safety or suitability for Division 2.
Do not remove or replace while circuit is live
unless area is known to be non-hazardous.
Explosion Hazard - Do not disconnect equipment
unless area is known to be non-hazardous.
For additional information, please refer to the Instruction Manuals CD shipped with this
product, or visit our website at www.emersonprocess.com/raihome/liquid/.
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