Emerson 600 User Manual

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Tenso-set™ Series 600
Auto-Tensioning Motor Base
Installation and Maintenance Manual
June 2014
Emerson Industrial Automation
7120 New Bufngton Road
Florence, KY 41042
Application Engineering: 800 626 2093
Periodic inspections should be performed. Failure to perform proper maintenance
can result in premature product failure and personal injury.
All electrical work should be performed by qualied personnel and compliant with
local and national electrical codes.
Read and follow all instructions carefully.
Disconnect and lock-out power before installation and maintenance.
Working on or near energized equipment can result in severe injury or death.
Avoid contact with energized circuits or rotating parts.
Be sure shaft key is fully captive before unit is energized.
Do not operate equipment without guards in place. Exposed equipment can
result in severe injury or death.
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Electric Co. or one of its affiliated companies.
©2014 Emerson Power Transmission Corp., All Rights Reserved.
MCIM14006E • Form 9884E • Printed in USA
Motor Carriage
Tension Nut
Mounting Brackets
Tension Rod
Carriage Rods
Installation Instructions
1. Mount the motor on the motor base using the recommended
grade 5 bolts and torques listed in table 1.
Table 1
Motor Base Bolt Size Torque (Grade 5 plated )
BSAMBN601 5/16-18 13 Lb-Ft
BSAMBN605 3/8-16 23 Lb-Ft
BSAMBN607 3/8-16 23 Lb-Ft
BSAMBN613 3/8-16 23 Lb-Ft
BSAMBN621 1/2-13 57 Lb-Ft
BSAMBN623 1/2-13 57 Lb-Ft
2. Mount the sheaves on the Driver and Driven Shafts.