Emerson Access 360-degree Metallic Pedestal User Manual

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Outside Plant for
Business-Critical Conatinuity
The Emerson Network Power Access 360° line of metal CATV pedestals provides complete
access to internally mounted distribution electronics for ease of installation and mainte-
Available in four sizes to accommodate various distribution requirements, the Access 360°
pedestals offer multiple locking options including Star Lock, Slam Lock, and Inner-Tite.
They are equipped with preassembled stakes and brackets for a user friendly, ready-to-
install system.
The 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 Access 360° pedestals contain flow-through louvers for maxi-
mum heat dissipation. The 6x7 unit does not have louvers as it houses only non-heat
generating passive equipment, such as taps. Pedestals are manufactured of heavy gauge
mill-galvanized steel, treated with a unique finishing process for longer life.
Access 360° pedestals are ideal for tap, coupler, splitter and line extender installations.
Access 360°
Metallic Pedestal
Key Features
Lift-off cover provides 360° access
to equipment for easy installation
and maintenance
Square designs easily
accommodate electronic
equipment for efficient electronics
Flow-through louvers eliminate
condensation and heat buildup for
increased operating efficiency
A preassembled mounting
stake and bracket reduce
installation time
Multiple locking options are
available: Star Lock, Slam Lock,
Inner-Tite, or padlock to increase
security and versatility
8-in. pedestal base provides
increased installation stability
Our unique multistage gray-green
finishing process meets or exceeds
EPA standards, and provides a
tough corrosion-resistant finish for
longer life
OSPDS-130300 / 1109