Emerson Alber BDSi Owner's Manual

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Battery Monitoring
For Business-Critical Continuity™
Alber technologies by Emerson Network Power are designed
to prevent battery failure, optimize useful battery life, reduce
maintenance costs and increase safety.
The Alber BDSi is designed specically for factory integration
into Liebert UPS battery cabinets for 12 and 16 volt battery
applications. A factory installed monitor continuously scans
and reports all critical battery parameters, providing detailed
reports that allow proactive battery management. The result:
a reliable, effective system that is efcient to deploy.
Battery Monitoring System For UPS Battery Cabinet Integration
Key Features of Alber BDSI:
Web-based monitoring interface allows
easy user access to data and reports
A single controller unit communicates
with up to six DCM/LM units, for
monitoring of a total of six battery
Factory installed, or eld installation
kits available for Liebert UPS battery
Higher Availability
Factory installation and testing ensures
proper operation at start up
Data tracking and detailed reports
allow analysis for proactive prevention
of battery failure
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Replace batteries when they are at
the end of their service life — not
by calculations that could result in
premature or late replacement
Complete factory installation
eliminates requirement of eld
Ideally Suited for:
Liebert UPS external battery cabinets
Liebert NXL
Liebert NX
Liebert APM
Liebert 16V battery cabinet
Alber BDSi Battery Monitoring provides real time
information for proactive battery management