Emerson AMS Asset Management System User Manual

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Intelligent Device Manager
for Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
Industrial Power for
Business-Critical Continuity™
AMS Device Manager is an advanced
monitoring tool to predict necessary
maintenance activities instead of reac-
ting to problems that are already im-
pacting your process.
AMS Device Manager enables mainte-
nance teams to easily monitor eld device
health status and resolve potential issues
before they become costly problems.
The Power of predictive intelligence for critical assets
AMS Device Manager is the premier predictive maintenance software application
for automation instruments and valves available today, providing a single tool for
HART, FOUNDATION eldbus, WirelessHART, and Probus DP device congura-
tion, calibration, documentation, and diagnostics.
Access diagnostics from Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies
You can now extend your predictive maintenance program beyond traditional
automation assets with the addition of Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies
from Chloride Industrial Power.
AMS Device Manager users are now able to view and diagnose AC and DC UPS via
Probus DP.
nMonitor the complete process. Permanently
check the automation system, instruments, valves,
mechanical equipments and Uninterruptible Power
Systems from the same screen.
n Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve UPS issues
remotely and efciently. Predictive diagnostics and
troubleshooting recommendations make mainte-
nance easier.
n Track and control power quality. Ensure you are
delivering clean power to the load. Protect equipment
from the damaging effect of poor quality electrical
n Ensure power supply continuity. With diagnostics
integrated into AMS Device Manager, you can be sure
that alerts are not missed due to multiple monitoring
n Rugged, long-lasting equipment. Use AMS Device
Manager to ensure that any diagnostics within the UPS
are addressed quickly to ensure the system is working
when you need it most.
Key Features
n Input / Battery / Output values are permanently
monitored. This means you can act before the process
is affected by poor quality power, or worse, a costly
n Real-time information are delivered to help mainte-
nance people keep your process running and antici-
pate potential failures.
nTroubleshooting recommendations are given in case
of UPS fault, so that engineer can easily and efciently
plan maintenance operations.
In process industries where lost production from
slower startups and longer downtimes can cause mil-
lions of dollars in lost revenue, plant personnel need
accurate, real-time information. The AMS Device
Manager reduces commissioning and maintenance
expenses while improving plant availability and pro-
duct quality.