Emerson ARC156 User Manual

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Specification for SiteGate-E
DESCRIPTION: The SiteGate-E provides communications between a SiteScan workstation and a control
module network (ARC156) consisting of up to 32 control modules. The SiteGate-E provides one Ethernet
Console Port and one serial port for direct connection. The Ethernet port is designated meets the IEEE
802.3 standard. The serial console ports are switch selectable for baud rates up to 38.4k bps.
Communication between the SiteGate-E and the ARC156 network is provided through an EIA-485 port.
DIMENSIONS: Module: 7 1/8" H x 6 1/4" W X 1 5/8” D
18.10cm H x 15.88cm W X 4.13cm D
Enclosure: 12”H x 14.25" W x 2.85" D
(painted steel) 419.1mm x 301.3mm x 78.6mm
See Enclosure Diagrams for mounting options.
POWER: 24 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz, 7.2 VA.
OPERATING RANGE: 0 to 130°F (-17.8 to 54.4°C); 10 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing.
For UUKL Smoke Control Systems, 32°-120.2°F (0°-49°C); 10 to 85% relative
humidity, non-condensing.
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