Emerson ASCO 173A19 Emergency Stop Station User Manual

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ASCO Relay Control Panels
ASCO relay control panels were
originally designed to New York
City Board of Education specica-
tions to operate ASCO DC solenoid
valves controlling gas ow to school
kitchens, domestic cooking classes,
ceramic and metal shops. Because of
its many features and silent opera-
tion, the ASCO relay panel has also
been used in many other similar
institutions and schools outside New
York City. Vandalism and malicious
mischief have caused some city
governments to make it mandatory
that the gas supply be secured during
hours when schools are closed. Other
governmental bodies and consult-
ing engineers have also recognized
this need, and specify the ASCO relay
panel even when not mandated by
ASCO relay panels may also be used
in industrial and commercial installa-
tions where control of various gases
and uids are important.
Operating the key switch on the
control station energizes the relay,
opening a normally closed ASCO DC
solenoid valve which turns on the gas
Panel Features
ASCO’s long experience in control
assures a highly dependable system
especially when used in combination
with ASCO valves. If the control volt-
age is lost completely, or reduces to
approximately 50% of normal value,
the relay de-energizes the normally-
closed valve to shut off the gas ow.
The gas may also be shut off by
depressing the normally closed push-
button switch located on the control
The valve will not open at restora-
tion of voltage until an authorized
person operates the key switch on the
control station. This eliminates the
danger of gas unknowingly escaping.
For convenience, auxiliary push-but-
tons, ASCO Catalog numbers 173A19
and 173A20 may be located at
various access points throughout the
building, for immediate shutoff under
emergency conditions.
Silent Operation
Utilization of DC output provided by
the relay panel to the valves elimi-
nates constant AC hum.
Shallow-depth NEMA Type 1 ush
mounted enclosure permits in-stalla-
tion directly into the wall for conve-
nience, and elimination of obstruc-
tions in corridors or high trafc areas.
Long Life
ASCO dust-tight industrial relay and
solid-state rectier are designed to
provide long life.
Ease of Installation
Clearly marked terminals and instal-
lation drawings located on inside of
Originally designed for and approved
by the New York City Board of
Education for use in public schools.
ASCO Relay Panel
Catalog No 108D10C
Input Voltage: 120 volts, 60Hz
Output Voltage: 80 volts DC
Output Current: 0.8 amp maximum
AC Relay Control Panel
Catalog No. 108D90C provides the
same features as the DC panels
previously described, except with
120/60 AC voltage output for AC
valves. Features a key-operated
switch with manual “on” and “off”
buttons directly on the cover.
108D90C is for ush mount applica-
tions and supports surface mount
The 108D90C is also available with
24 VAC, 24 VDC, 208 VAC, and 240
VAC output. Contact ASCO for
further details.