Emerson ASCO 336 Series Paralleling System Handbook

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ASCO Power Technologies, Florham Park, New Jersey 07932. 800-800-ASCO
8-2014 1 Publication 3279
Low Voltage (600V) Generator Paralleling Switchboard
1.1 Scope
A. The intent of this specification is to provide power control for the parallel operation of __
generator units (up to 4) rated ___ KW at __ power factor, ___ volts, 3 phase, __ wire,
[50 | 60] Hertz. [If they are all different KW’s, list them separately.] All components and
testing specified or required for a complete operable system shall be included.
1.2 Application Codes and Standards
A. UL 891 – Switchboards
B. ISO 9001:2008 – Requirements of a Quality Management System
1.3 Manufacturer’s Qualifications
Automatic Transfer Switches, Bypass Switches, Paralleling Switchboards and Switchgear,
Monitoring and Control shall be supplied by ASCO. The equipment described, as a minimum,
shall meet all of the requirements specified in this section. The equipment shall be the product of
a manufacturer who has produced paralleling electrical equipment for a period of no less than 50
years. The manufacturer must provide integral electrical and mechanical design, fabrication and
construction services for all cubicle structures, formed and punched bus bar, and control panel
assemblies. Comprehensive documentation detailing electrical and mechanical designs shall be
available upon request. The manufacturer must be certified under ISO 9001.
1.4 Order Management
Management of orders shall be assigned to personnel employed and trained specifically and
exclusively for project management; the use of field service representatives, design engineers or
sales representatives for order management purposes shall not be acceptable. Each order shall be
managed by both a factory-based project manager and a factory-direct field-based project
1.5 Documentation
A. Submittals for approval shall include the following: