Emerson ASCO 4000 Series Power Transfer Switch User Manual

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ASCO Services Inc., provides a
wide range of technical services to
users of automatic transfer switches
in emergency and standby power
systems. These services include
comprehensive scheduled mainte-
nance programs, modifications,
upgrades and emergency repairs.
Systems serviced range in complexi-
ty from a single automatic transfer
switch to multiple transfer switches
and engine generators.
ASCO Services is a wholly owned
subsidiary and the exclusive OEM
service arm of ASCO Power
Technologies, the world’s largest
manufacturer of power transfer
switching and control equipment.
Serving the needs of ASCO’s cus-
tomers is a major focus; however,
ASCO Services is also routinely
called upon to perform regular
maintenance and emergency repairs
on equipment manufactured by
ASCO Services offers comprehen-
sive maintenance agreements that
detail the preventive care needed to
keep emergency power systems
ready to respond. A service agree-
ment is an effective way to budget
in advance and avoid unexpected
expenditures. A 35 point checklist is
utilized to assure critical systems
and components are kept in top
operating condition. These preven-
tive programs can be customized
for national accounts. This cus-
tomization permits central corpo-
rate control of costs and scheduling.
Periodic reports provide detailed
information as to activity, mainte-
nance performed and corrective
ASCO Services deploys more than
75 service personnel strategically
located throughout the nation to
provide 24-hour response in emer-
gency situations. Each region is
manned by experienced personnel
who receive ongoing support and
training in the newest equipment
concepts, design and controls.
Because equipment can be utilized
for a long number of years, field rep-
resentatives also receive education
on older designs. This knowledge
can be invaluable in addressing total
system concerns, evaluating prob-
lems and providing solutions on site.
Service vans are equipped with parts
and advanced testing equipment
that facilitate these on-the-spot
repairs. ASCO Services
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