Emerson ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module (Acc. 72EE) Buyer's Guide

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ASCO 5140 Connectivity Module
ASCO 5140
Control Features
ATS Transfer/Re-transfer
ATS Timer Bypass
Generator Start
Generator Test
Monitoring Features
ATS and Generator Stats
Voltage and Frequency
Statistics and Activity
Email Notifications
Event Log (300 Events)
Optional Monitoring Features
— Energy Consumption,
Acc 135L Required
— Power Demand,
Acc 135L Required
Connectivity Features
Modbus (over
Ethernet or Serial)
SNMP Protocol
AES 128 Bit Encryption
Four Port Ethernet
300 ATS
with 72EE
5140 enables basic
local or remote
5700 CPMS
Sample drawing for demonstration purposes only.
Consult ASCO for exact connection specications.
The ASCO 5140 Connectivity
Module offers remote monitoring
for Series 300 ATS's and 5210 Power
Meter. For the ATS, the optional 5140
provides remote ATS and Generator
Control, Monitoring and Connectiv-
ity Features via integrated web page
dashboards. Once connected to an
Ethernet, Wi or Cellular connection,
the dashboards can easily be pulled
up by any mobile or desktop device
on the network by multiple users.
The control capabilities allows
remote transfer and retransfer of the
ATS, while allowing you to view time
delays and bypass functions. The
generators can also be called to start
and stop for emergency situations as
well as for testing and maintenance.
Running the generator periodically
ensures that the battery is charged
for power anomalies and increases
reliability. Generator Pick-up and
drop-out setpoints are also viewable
for comprehensive understanding of
control events.
Monitor transfer switch and genera-
tor health, system state, metering
and review calculated transfer statis-
tics and activity. Active control timer
information allows the operator to
anticipate an automated control ac-
tion, such as, generator start or ATS
transfer. The device can also interface
to an email server to keep users
up-to-date on alarms and critical
power events with alerts.
In addition the 5140 can interface to
an optional 5210 Power Meter, (stand
alone - or with the ATS Acc. 135L).
for enhanced monitoring features,
such as, power metering, demand
and energy usage.
Connect and extract ATS and meter-
ing data using industry standard
open protocols, such as, Modbus and
SNMP. An integrated four port Eth-
ernet Switch maximizes connectivity
options and exibility. Embedded
password protection will only allow
access to appropriate users, while
utilizing AES 128-bit encryption for
enhanced data security per National
Institute of Standards and Technol-
ogy (NIST).