Emerson ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module (Acc. 72EE) User Manual

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Modbus Test Suite ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module
381339-319 A ASCO Power Technologies Page 1
This is an example interface to the ASCO
5140 Quad-Ethernet Module (QEM) using
the Modbus Test Suite.
Refer to the 5140 QEM Installation
Manual 381333-417.
1. Download and install the Modbus Test
2. Change the TCP Port number to 502 on
the webpage as shown.
3. Open Modbus Test Suite software. See
Figure 1.
4. Open communication settings.
5. Change the IP Address to that of the
configured 5140 QEM IP Address (see
the 5140 QEM About page).
6. Change the port number to 502.
7. Adjust the following parameters on the Modbus Test
Suite main page to create a sample read:
Function code FC0x03 for a multi parameter Read
Set the Slave ID to that of either the DPM or GG
APAC node ID (see the 5140 QEM About page).
Set the Start address to 15 (40015). (This is the
Address of the first Status register on the Series 300
Transfer Switch Group G Controller.)
Items: The total number of registers to read; in the
Group G Controller this would read the two status
registers and the three line-to-Line voltage registers
of the Group G controller.
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Figure 1. Modbus Test Suite software.
Figure 2. Port number.
381339-319 A
Modbus / TCP Communication Example