Emerson ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module (Acc. 72EE) User's Guide

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SNMP Setup ASCO 5140 Quad-Ethernet Module
381339-320 A ASCO Power Technologies Page 1
These are details for configuring the
SNMP Master in the ASCO 5140 Quad-
Ethernet Module (QEM) by using the
iReasoning Master.
The iReasoning MIB browser software is
a free SNMP Master available from:
www.cnet.com or
Refer to the 5140 QEM Installation
Manual 381333-417.
GETting Data Procedure
1. Download and install iReasoning MIB
browser software.
2. Open the iReasoning MIB browser
software. See Figure 1.
3. Open communication settings.
4. Enter the IP Address of the 5140 QEM
in the Address textbox (see the
5140 QEM About page).
5. Click the Go button. The software will
connect to the 5140 QEM.
6. Bring the 5140 QEM MIB file into the
iReasoning session by uploading it.
This is done by right clicking on the
MIB Tree icon in the SNMP MIBs
window or by clicking on the file
dropdown box. Select the 5140 QEM
MIB file to be uploaded. The MIB file
is available from ASCO Power
Technologies. It must be copied to the
computer that is running the iReasoning
software. The 5140 QEM MIB file is:
7. After successfully uploading the file,
the screen shown in Figure 2 appears.
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Figure 1. iReasoning MIB browser software.
Figure 2. MIB file uploaded successfully.
381339-320 A
SNMP Master Configuration Using iReasoning MIB Browser