Emerson Avocent AMX Desktop amx 5111 User Manual

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Avocent AMX
5111, AMX 5121, AMX 5130
Desktop User Stations
High-quality video and real-time desktop access
The Avocent AMX analog KVM switching system simplifies access, increases your
control and delivers optimal real-time video to your desktop. The user station
connects to your multiplatform KVM peripherals (PS/2 or USB) and sends the KVM
signals over an industry-standard UTP cable to Avocent AMX 5000, AMX 5010, AMX
5020 and AMX 5030 analog matrix switches. This UTP connectivity and analog
switching technology provides multiuser access and control to any server in your KVM
matrix system.
AMX user stations automatically compensate for varying UTP cable types and lengths
such as CAT-5, CAT-5e and CAT-6, including GigaFlex. The AMX 5121 and AMX 5130
user stations’ design adjusts for skew between RGB signals each time a switch is made
to a server. The AMX 5130 user station provides for serial switching up to 38.4 Kbps
and lets you switch stereo speakers and a microphone.
Avocent user stations work with the patented OSCAR® graphical user interface (GUI)
for point-and-click system configuration and server selection. This full-system
management tool supports switching in share, private and scan modes.
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical Continuity
Full switching of
keyboard, mouse and
high-quality video;
switching of serial devices
(this feature is supported
on AMX 5130 user station
Back-rack computers and
provide complete access
from a single interface
Simple installation and
advanced administrative
Smart cable adaptors
for server naming and
Uses existing UTP cable
infrastructure: CAT-5, CAT-
5e and CAT-6, including
Supports diverse
applications including
demo labs, designer
environments, test labs
and data centers
Serial force mode enables
serial devices to force any
user station to connect to
a specific target
Dual matrix support for
AMX switch redundancy