Emerson Avocent HMX Digital High Performance KVM Switch Handbook

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Extend your desktop any distance from the computer over
a standard TCP/IP network using Avocent
HMX Desktop
over IP solutions
Desktop over IP solutions are designed for desktop administrators who need
to physically separate the computer from the user in the work environment.
Physical separation of computer and user can be critical where security and/
or environmental issues are major concerns. The Avocent
HMX desktop over
IP solution provides the ideal solution for these environments. The Avocent
HMX system can be easily deployed over a Local Area Network, and supports a
comprehensive range of peripherals including DVI-I video, CD audio, USB mass
storage, keyboard, mouse and most other USB devices. The Avocent HMX Manager
provides administration and connection management control from a central
location, enabling the desktop administrator to effectively and efficiently manage
the desktop computing resource without compromising the user experience.
HMX High Performance KVM Solutions
Rich User Experience. The
user gets a rich computer
experience, even though the
computer is located remotely,
• Dual Digital DVI Video up to
• USB keyboard and mouse
• USB media and most other
USB devices
• CD Audio
Central Management.
Manage the entire Avocent
HMX solution from one
central console, including
one database to manage user
authentication and access. The
Avocent HMX Manager includes
these features:
• Flexible access modes
• Logging and reporting
• Desktop pooling
Secure Access. 128bit AES
encryption on all data passing
through the network and
authentication guarantee
that access to any computing
resource is managed securely.
Ethernet Operation. Allows
the computer and user to be
located anywhere on the 100
or 1000Mbps network with full
routing of data across routers,
switches and subnets.
Full Hardware Solution. No
software or drivers required.
Provides access to all computer
peripheral ports regardless of
the state of the OS or BIOS.
Upgradeable. The Avocent
HMX system has an embedded
Linux OS and is fully
upgradeable to allow for future
feature enhancements.
Enhanced Security
In many modern organizations, the competitive
advantage, revenue and profitability of the
organization are becoming increasingly
dependent on the efficient use of computing
resources and technology. In fact, more
often than not, the revenue of a company
may be directly dependent on, or produced
on the computing resource of the company.
Protecting the data and intellectual property of
the company is crucial to the long-term success
of the company. Most companies provide layers
of logical security to protect the company
against external attack, but security breaches
can happen from within the company. The
HMX solution physically separates the
computer from the user and enhances security
by adding a physical layer to the security