Emerson Avocent LongView 430/830 Extenders User Manual

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KVM, Audio and
Serial Device Extender
Key Features
and Benefits
Security: Place your system
unit, software and sensi-
tive data in a secure area to
minimize tampering, system
damage and unauthorized
software installation.
Environment: Reduce
downtime by removing
the computer from the
environment which is not
suitable for its normal and
reliable operation.
User Peripherals: Extend
keyboard, video, mouse,
speakers, microphone and
serial devices up to 500 feet
with any CAT 5 UTP cable.
Auto Tuning: Automatically
compensate for signal loss
and deliver clear, crisp video
images up to 500 feet at a
resolution of 1024 x 768.
Companion Mode: Support
a second user connection
locally at the target device.
Space Saving: Move your
computer away from the
desk and work area to free
up valuable desktop space.
Installation Ease: The single
cable-to-desk design simpli-
fies installation while making
it easier for you to move, add
or change configurations.
Extend your control of computers up to 500 feet with a single CAT 5 cable
The Avocent® LongView extender supports environmental applications where the
physical separation of the user and the computer is a requirement. These applications
include environments that are not suitable for the normal operation of the computer
or sensitive areas where access is limited to authorized personnel.
With this solution, IT Managers can place computers in a consolidated, central
location to improve secure access and support environmental requirements. System
units, software and sensitive data can be placed in a secure area to minimize system
damage from tampering or from unauthorized software installations. The LongView
extender lets you place connected computers up to 500 feet away with any CAT 5
cable and still have control of your keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, microphone
and serial devices. This extension technology improves physical and data security and
increases working space by separating your staff from their computers. The Avocent
LongView Companion™ extender allows a second user station to be located near
the computer.
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical Continuity
With the LongView extender you can extend a keyboard, monitor and mouse
up to 500 feet away from the computer, using standard CAT 5 cable.