Emerson Avocent SwitchView SC 400/500 Secure KVM Switch User Manual

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SwitchView® SC400 and SC500 Switches
Enhance Security at the Desktop
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical Continuity
SwitchView SC400 and SC500 switching solutions provide three layers of
tamper-proof hardware security and CAC support at the desktop
Proven and Secure Access for Any Environment
The Avocent SwitchView SC400 and SC500 KVM switch series offers proven,
secure access for any desktop environment where security is mandatory. With
USB Common Access Card (CAC) reader support, three levels of physical security,
and controlled USB connectivity, you can consolidate multiple workstations of
varying security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor and mouse without
compromising network security. Dual link video offers uncompromising video
quality up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz. Dual head video (SC540 only) supports the most
demanding workstation requirements.
The SwitchView SC400 and SC500 switches allow desktop IT administrators to
deploy a single CAC reader that will switch to all computers connected to the switch.
(CAC support is required for all government employees attempting to log in to
government systems and is specified in the Homeland Security Presidential Directive
12 [HSPD12].) These switches include three layers of tamper-proof hardware security
at the desktop. In addition, SwitchView SC400 and SC500 switches ensure that only
USB human interface devices (HID’s) function on target computers by constantly
monitoring all devices attached to the console ports. These switches ignore
communication from non-HID’s (such as flash drives, hard disk drives, cameras and
printers) when switching data to the target.
SwitchView SC400,
and SC500 Switch
• NIAP Common Criteria
validated to EAL4+.
• Software Security
U.S-designed firmware allows only
keyboard, mouse and common
access cards (CAC) human
interface devices (HID) to switch
to the target computers. Devices
considered unsecure, such as
flash drives or other mass storage
devices, cameras and all other USB
devices, are strictly prohibited by
the switch firmware.
• Physical security:
a) Tamper-evident tape: A visual
indication of an attempt to
gain access to the internal
components of the switch
b) Chassis intrusion detection:
Prevents malicious tampering
with the switch. If the cover is
removed from the switch, the
switch becomes inoperable and
the LEDs flash
c) Locked memory: Prevents
tampering and reprogramming
of the firmware
• Secure channels
Two to four fully secure channels
isolated to 60db. Safely switch
between computers operating
at different classification levels –
without compromising network
• Clears buffer
Automatically clears the keyboard
buffer immediately after data is
transmitted through the switch,
so no data is ever left in the switch.