Emerson B-Series Degreasers Handbook

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The Branson B-Series Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasers are
a series of environmentally sound, cost effective preci-
sion degreasers. Branson, well known for ultrasonics,
is also the global leader in solvent cleaning technology.
The B-Series integrates over 60 years of of degreasing
experience with the demanding needs of a changing
marketplace to offer you a functional solvent solution
to your cleaning needs. They incorporate all of the
important environmental and safety features you need,
including onboard compressors for both primary and
sub-zero cooling. All controls are clustered on compact,
front-mounted, digital control panels. The B-Series is
ideal for use with most commercially-available vapor
degreasing solvents.
Environmental Features
The B-Series is designed to comply with EPA environ-
mental regulations on solvent emissions, an important
environmental and economic consideration. Some
of these features also facilitate OSHA compliance.
The units include, as standard, a number of engineered
improvements designed specifically to minimize solvent
losses. The following list details some of these more
important features:
Freeboard ratio of 100% to minimize diffusion losses
due to drafts
Sub-zero freeboard condenser to provide a cold
barrier minimizing emissions
Primary refrigerated condensing coil to efficiently
condense the bulk of the solvent vapors prior to
reaching the sub-zero condenser
Captured sliding cover to eliminate drafts and help
seal the unit during periods of inactivity
Internal water separator keeps all solvent within
the unit at all times
Recirculating pump and filter to remove particulate
and extend solvent life
Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasers
Safety Features
In addition to the benefits associated with keeping
solvent away from the operator, the B-Series has many
other features which contribute to safety and reliability.
Key among these are:
Low voltage controls for operator safety
High-vapor level sensor to prevent solvent boil off
Low solvent sensor to prevent heater damage
Boil Sump over temperature alarm
Automated Hoist Systems
Stainless Steel Parts Baskets
Rotating Parts Baskets
Desiccant Dryer for Azeotropic Solvents
Power-Operated Sliding Cover
Upper Enclosure System
Solvents Spraying
High-Frequency Ultrasonics