Emerson BMS Battery Monitoring System User Manual

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Industrial Power for
Business-Critical Continuity
The power to predict battery health
Chloride BMS battery monitoring system is the ultimate detection tool to
predict and detect stand-by battery bank issues.
Routine testing is essential to evaluate performance of any battery. The
Chloride BMS continuous monitoring tool allows preventive detection of any
potential anomaly: all the relevant parameters, such as voltages, current,
impedance and temperature are constantly measured to allow a secure
diagnostic of the battery health status.
A wide scope of communication features such as emailing, SMS and serial link
allows the maintenance manager to get the right information early enough
to prevent power failures.
By using the Link dedicated software, the user can access to real time battery
status and measurements, view alarm and battery history and check alarm
status of all connected cells. It is also possible to initiate and manage battery
dedicated reports.
Chloride BMS is a battery monitoring
tool to effectively manage stand-by
battery banks, thereby ensuring the
reliability of back-up power systems. It
helps minimizing the risk of failure to
critical systems.
BMS enables maintenance teams to easily
monitor battery health status and resolve
potential issues before they become
costly problems.
Bene ts
Reduced maintenance costs through
preventive maintenance instead of emer-
gency replacement
Maximized battery life through smart
diagnostics, regular data analysis and on-
time remedial action
Increased safety on site as back-up power
remains available when most needed and
less human presence is required in battery
Key Features
24/7 alarm noti cation
Event Log of all activities affecting the
battery bank
Remote access – via TCP/IP or Modbus
Automatic capture of data and report
Individual battery impedance measure
Individual and ambient battery temperature
Individual and battery string voltage and
current measures
Compatible with Ni-Cd and Lead batteries,
open or gas-recombination types
Optical isolation to increase safety
Wide choice of con gurations to meet the
most complex architectures
Chloride BMS suits all applications where safety
and reliance on a battery bank is highly critical:
Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical
Power generation plants
Power Transmission and Distribution
Continuous process industries
Chloride BMS
Battery Monitoring System