Emerson Chloride CP-60Z 5 to 60 kVA User Manual

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Industrial Power for
Business-Critical Continuity
Custom-designed AC UPS systems to secure industrial processes
The Chloride CP-60Z is available from 5 to 60kVA in single-phase or three-phase
output conguration. It offers a wide choice of DC battery voltages (110V, 220V
or 400V) and of output voltages (from 1x110 V to 3x415V) to best t the applica-
The UPS uses patented digital Vector Control technology which increases the UPS
performances, enables active conditioning of the load and allows personalised
system settings.
The Chloride CP-60Z can be adapted for project-specic requirements. A wide
choice of industrialized extras allow system customization according to the most
demanding technical specications.
To further improve load availability and process reliability, the system is able to
operate in dual parallel conguration, centralized or distributed, with single or
dual batteries, and can include AC bus-tie.
The Chloride CP-60Z industrial
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
system is the result of latest industrial
requirements combined with R&D
innovations to offer an improved
efciency and reduced operating costs
industrial UPS.
The Chloride CP range is designed to meet
the stringent electrical and mechanical
requirements in industrial environments.
Each Chloride CP product is based on inter-
changeable sub-assemblies to allow full
customization, in compliance with client’s
technical specication and with project
documentation requirements.
Energy savings - Improved efciency means
reduced power consumption and smaller air
conditioning system
Project savings - Higher input power factor and
lower inrush current allow smaller upstream
transformer, switchgear and cables and reduce
line current and losses in the cables.
Safe and easy maintenance - Segregated
manual bypass and front access to major com-
ponents improve safety and reduce MTTR
Asset Management System - The UPS is com-
patible with the Emerson AMS Suite Intelligent
Device Manager which helps to ensure an
efcient preventive maintenance
Key Features
Low Ripple Voltage to reduce battery stress
and optimize its lifetime
Low inrush current < 4In (12-pulse) not to
oversize mains power supply
SCR-based rectier, 6 or 12 pulses, with
improved operation to signicantly reduce
the mains’ pollution (THDi) and the input RMS
Proven reliability: The unique design allows
the UPS to continuously operate at full load at a
permanent 40°C ambient temperature
Galvanic isolation: input and output transfor-
mers are standard on the complete range.
Ingress protection IP42 is provided as
standard to operate in the most demanding
Compatibility with Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-
Acid batteries, open or gas-recombination
Multilingual digital graphic display with
embedded event log
Wide choice of congurations, options, and
remote monitoring solutions
The Chloride CP-60Z is the best solution, both
cost effective and environmental friendly, to meet
industrial requirements of a wide range of sectors,
such as:
Oil & Gas, offshore and onshore
Rening and Petrochemical industries
Water infrastructures
Transportation (rail, metro, tramway)
Chloride CP-60Z AC UPS System
5 to 60kVA - 1ph and 3ph output