Emerson Chloride CP-70i 2.5 to 320 kVA User Manual

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Chloride CP-70i 01 - DC/AC inverter
2.5 to 250kVA - 1ph output
Industrial Power for
Business-Critical Continuity™
The Chloride CP-70i industrial
inverter is the agship inverter of
Chloride Industrial Power. It combines
conservative design topology with
proven digital control technology
to offer the best performances in
any electrical and environmental
The Chloride CP range is designed to meet
the stringent electrical and mechanical
requirements in industrial environments.
Each Chloride CP product is based on inter-
changeable sub-assemblies to allow full
customization, in compliance with client’s
technical specication and with project
documentation requirements.
Custom-designed DC/AC inverters to supply critical industrial processes.
The Chloride CP-70i 01 converts a DC input voltage into a perfect sinusoidal single-
phase output voltage to provide power to critical AC loads. It uses the patented digital
Vector Control technology which increases the performances of power components
and enables an active conditioning of the load. The result is improved reliability for the
process and enhanced safety for the personnel.
The CP-70i 01 range is available from 2.5kVA to 250kVA. It offers a wide choice of DC
input voltages (from 110Vdc to 240Vdc) and of output voltages.
The CP-70i 01 range is also available with 400Vdc input. This conguration can be
combined with a CP-70R 30 rectier-charger in order to design specic high ratings
double conversion AC UPS systems.
To further improve load availability and process reliability, the CP-70i 01 is able to
operate in dual parallel conguration, with centralized or distributed reserve line, and
can include an AC bus-tie.
n Made to order DC/AC inverter solutions
to exactly t the industrial application
n Ruggedized solutions for demanding
environments: high temperatures,
vibrations, dust, elevation, dripping water
and moisture
n Efcient maintenance thanks to easy
front-access to all vital modules of the
Key Features
n Reliability - Unique design which allows
the inverter to continuously operate for at
least 20 years at full load at 40°C
n Robust mechanical design - The inverter
withstands vertical and horizontal
acceleration stress tests up to 0.5g as
n Galvanic isolation - Output transformer is
included as standard
n Multilingual digital graphic display with
embedded event log
n Remote monitoring capabilities: Modbus,
Probus, DF1, ethernet, volt-free contacts,
monitoring software
n Fully customized electrical and mechanical
solutions – On demand design to comply
with every standard (e.g. UL, ANSI, NEMA,
The Chloride CP-70i DC/AC inverter range suits
applications such as:
n Oil and Gas offshore and onshore
n Rening and petrochemical plants
n Conventional power generation plants
n Transmission and Distribution substations
n Transportation (rail, metro, tramway)