Emerson Chloride FP-40R 2-90 kW User Manual

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Industrial Power for
Business-Critical Continuity
Flexibility for a wide scope of DC applications
The Chloride FP-40R is available from 25A to 100A in single-phase input
conguration, and up to 400A in three-phase input conguration. It offers a
wide range of output voltages, from 24 Vdc to 220 Vdc.
The Chloride FP-40R is suitable for use either as a battery charger, a rectier
or as a DC power supply. It features a microprocessor control which offers
exceptional stability and allows adaptability for different application require-
To further improve load availability and process reliability, the
Chloride FP-40R is able to operate in dual parallel conguration.
The Chloride FP-40R industrial rectier
is the result of engineering research
in product simplication to offer an
SCR-based standardized design with
improved reliability and adaptability
to industrial requirements.
The Chloride FP range is designed to
meet the most demanding schedules of
industrial projects.
Each Chloride FP product includes a wide
choice of ratings and a selection of indus-
trialized and pre-congured options to
allow the product to be quickly congu-
red and delivered.
Improved reliability provided by a fully
controlled SCR bridge and a reduced quan-
tity of components
Adaptability thanks to a selection of
industrialized options and an easy parameter
settings for quick on-site adjustments
Simplicity of the product design to improve
MTBF and to reduce MTTR
Key Features
Low Ripple Voltage to optimize battery life
Low inrush current < 8In not to oversize
mains power supply (3-phase)
Compact design with the capability to inte-
grate the battery in the charger cabinet
Human-Machine Interface (HMI) choice
to deliver appropriate information level to
the user
Ingress protection up to IP55 for harsh
environmental conditions
Compatibility with Nickel-Cadmium and
Lead-Acid batteries, open or gas-recombina-
tion types
Galvanic isolation between input and output
Digital control and monitoring
Wide choice of congurations and options
The Chloride FP-40R suits all DC applications
requiring large battery back-up of the following
Power Transmission and Distribution
Continuous process industries
Petrochemical and Chemical industries
Water & Wastewater industries
Chloride FP-40R
Rectier - battery charger