Emerson CoolFrame User Manual

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ecision Cooling
or Business-Critical Continuity
Fully Integrated Cooling Solution For The Egenera
EX System
Liebert XD
Working Together To Meet The Challenges
Of Today’s Data Centers
Egenera and Liebert have recognized that many
customers are concerned with rising heat loads in their
acilities and wanted to provide a flexible, cost-effective
solution to reduce the stress on existing cooling
systems as additional computing capacity is installed.
The Liebert XD CoolFrame allows the BladeFrame EX to
be placed in a data center environment around other
heat-generating equipment without adding to the heat
load in the room. Use of the Liebert XD CoolFrame also
enables users to place more BladeFrame EX systems
into the data center than would otherwise be possible
without it.
Liebert XD CoolFrame
Liebert XD Pumping Unit