Emerson CoolPedPLUS DSLAM User Manual

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Outside Plant for
Business-Critical Continuity
The CoolPedPLUS DSLAM Enclosure is a round-cornered, rectangular, free-breathing
equipment housing designed for environmentally hardened active electronics and cable
splicing. This enclosure provides optimal cooling for up to four DSLAMs (mounting
brackets included) and four NIUs. A dual 216-type tool lock latching system with pad-
lock hasps provides added security.
The CoolPedPLUS serves as a vented above ground housings for active electronics and
cable splicing.
DSLAM Enclosure
Key Features
Removable two-sided double
doors permit easy interior access;
wind latches provide stability
during maintenance
Two 216-type tool locking latches
provided per side with padlock
hasps for added security
Screened louvered vents maximize
heat dissipation and minimize
contaminant ingression
Dual mounting stakes are included
for stake mounting; pad-mounting
is recommended
Large top vented area below cap
for higher heat dissipation (HHD)
OSPDS-025900 / 1109