Emerson CVS and MCR Series User Manual

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Power Protection and Conditioning
SolaHD’s CVS power conditioners will hold output voltages
to ±1.0% or less with input variations as great as ±15%
(115V ±15% or 120 V +10%/-20%). Units operated at less
than rated load will maintain approximately ±1% regulation
over a wider input line voltage variation. Output meets NEMA
voltage specications even when input voltage drops to 65%
of nominal. The output versus input voltage relationship for a
typical CVS is show in Figure A.
Figure A: Load Variation
Note: MCR line regulations: ±3% for 60 Hz; ±5% for 50 Hz.
The typical performances shown in Figure B indicate that
most of the residual changes take place near the lower
(95 V) and upper (130 V) ends of the input range. It is
possible to improve output regulation if line variations remain
within a restricted range near the center of the nameplate
range (for example, 100-120 V).
Figure B: Line Regulation
Normally, the output voltage will rise as the load is
decreased. Typical percentages for changes in resistive
load from full to zero load as shown below.
Input Characteristics
SolaHD power conditioners include a resonant circuit that
is energized whether or not it is serving load. The input
current at no load or light load may run 50% or more of the
full primary current. As a result, the temperature of the unit
may rise to substantially full-load level, even at light or no
load. Input power factor will average 90-100% at full load,
but may drop to about 75% at half load and 25% at no load.
In any case, the current is always leading. The input no load
watts are about 12.5% of the VA rating.
Output voltage varies linearly with a change of frequency of
the input voltage. This change is about 1.5% of the
output voltage for each 1% change in input frequency and in
the same direction as the frequency change.
CVS Conditioner
Rating - VA
Increase in Output Voltage due to
Load Removal
30 3%
60 & 120 2%
250 & over 1%
Operating Characteristics of the CVS & MCR Series
Except as noted, all characteristics of SolaHD’s CVS products also apply to the MCR series.