Emerson Digital Series Handbook

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CPXH Series
General Description
Bransonic CPXH heated ultrasonic baths are the most
technologically advanced ultrasonic baths available.
With programmable features, digital operation with power
tracking capabilities to adjust for light or heavy loads,
high/low power control, and degassing, the CPXH is the
most versatile system available.
The CPXH baths offer the following features:
Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates
consistent cavitation throughout the tank.
40 kHz rugged industrial transducers.
99-minute digital timer and continuous ultrasonic operation.
Can be heated up to 69°C/156.2°F and set for either
Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Last stored parameters are recalled when unit is turned
back on.
Degassing and conditioning the solution: The CPXH
degassing period can be set up to 99 minutes. Extended
degas time periods allow for “beyond cleaning” applications
such as sample preparation, which includes degassing
liquids, mixing and homogenization, dissolving solids,
cell lysing, and dispersion of particles.
Constant activity/power tracking automatically maintains
the same ultrasonic power by adjusting for changes in
liquid level and temperature caused by a light or heavy load.
This helps ensure more uniform cleaning and consistent
performance, even with multiple users or when bath
conditions change.
Consult with your Branson representative about the
Bransonic accessories and solution best suited for your
application needs. Visit us at www.Bransonic.com
Ultrasonic Baths
Programmable: The CPXH Series is completely programmable.
Once the process is entered into the controller, the end user
only has to start the program and they are free to leave the
unit on its own to do the job. The programmable process
allows the process engineer to choose the temperature set
point at which the degassing and ultrasonic time periods
are triggered to begin. Once the CPXH ultrasonic run time
period is reached, the unit shuts off, delivering the same
results – every time.
Automatic ultrasonic activation: When the process
temperature reaches the programmable set point, the
ultrasonic cycle begins. This includes selectable times
for both degas and ultrasonic processing.
High/low power control: When cleaning delicate parts, the
CPXH allows the user to lower the amplitude of the acoustic
energy in the bath: 100% power to the tank for normal applica-
tions, 70% power for delicate applications. Manipulating the
output waveform in this manner greatly helps to avoid damage
to the components in the bath during the ultrasonic process.