Emerson Digital SLP Cell Disruptor User Manual

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Ultrasonic Liquid Processing
Sound Business Solutions
Classic Reliability
Laboratory Standard
Cell Disruption and More
The Sonifier product line, originally established as the benchmark
in cell disruption, has become a liquid processing workhorse in the
laboratory. Applications include:
Emulsification of immiscible liquids
Disaggregation and dispersion
Chip assay
Acceleration of reactions
Cell lysing
Processing DNA and proteins
Leaching and extraction
Each Sonifier system consists of a power supply, converter, and
mechanically tuned processing horn. Standard units are available from
100 to 1000 Watts for matching the equipment to your application.
A wide variety of specialized tools, chambers, and accessories are available to
accomplish specific effects. In addition to many standard disruption horn sizes,
Branson offers flow-through horns, high intensity cup horns, biohazard processing
cells, sound reduction enclosures, and much more.
Branson – The Leader in Ultrasound Technology Since 1946
Norman G. Branson founded Branson Instruments in 1946 to harness ultrasonic energy for commercial purposes. In the
continuing quest to introduce new technologies, Branson began marketing a Sonifier
ultrasonic cell disruptor for biological
research in 1960. This has now grown into a full line of products and accessories to meet the demanding needs of this rapidly
expanding market. These Sonifier products joined existing ultrasound businesses in the areas of flaw detection, precision
cleaning, and plastic joining. Today, Branson is a world leader in all of these technologies.
With over 1800 employees, 70 sales and service offices, and a half dozen manufacturing facilities worldwide, Branson has
developed substantial resources for global customer support. Let us put these resources to work for you.
Branson Ultrasonics Corporation
41 Eagle Road, Danbury, CT 06813-1961
800.732.9262 (U.S.) • 203.796.0400 • FAX 203.796.2250
E-mail: infoques[email protected]sonics.com • www.Sonifier.com
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 CE FCC
©Branson Ultrasonics Corporation 2007. Printed in China 6/07.
All Sonifier units carry a 2 year worldwide warranty.
Higher Volume Liquid
Static processing of high liquid volumes or processing
liquids in a continuous stream generally requires greater
ultrasonic power output to maintain appropriate power
density per unit volume per unit time. Branson offers systems
to meet these higher volume applications.
The Sonifier 2000bdc at 1000 Watts can process up to 10
GPM per processing cell. This 20 kHz system passes process fluid through a
confined chamber in close proximity to a high energy ultrasonic horn.
For additional information, call 800-732-9262.
2000bdc Continuous Duty Ultrasonic Power Suppy
CR-20 Converter 101-135-060
J931 Cable, 8' 101-240-017
Liquid processing cell to be determined by application
Part Number
Sonifier 250/450 Accessory Connection Chart
*Other sizes available. Call (800) 732-9262