Emerson easy-Drive Buyer's Guide

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Errata Sheet
Fisherr D3 Control Valve with easy-Drive™ Electric
Actuator, Instruction Manual, dated June 2013
This errata sheet provides information for the Fisher easy-Drive electric actuator. Use this in conjunction with
information provided in the (Fisher D3 Control Valve with easy-Drive Electric Actuator) instruction manual
(D103460X012) dated June 2013.
Important technical notice for easyDrive electric actuator
When using the easyDrive electric actuator with a 420mA control signal, the unit should always have 12/24VDC
power present on the power input terminals prior to applying the 420mA signal, unlessanexternal250 resistor is in
place across the analog control input terminals. Failure to do so could result in damage to the analog input circuitry.
1. Configure the local analog input control signal to 15V. This can be accomplished by the configuration software or
by setting Modbus register 40043 to 0.
2. Install a 1/4 or 1/2 watt, 250 resistor between terminals 3 and 4 (Analog+ and Analog )whenlandingthe420mA
control wiring on those terminals. A 220 or 270 resistor may be used as well if a 250 resistor is not readily
Figure 1. Wiring Dia gram
Errata Sheet
D3 easy-Drive Electric Actuator
June 2013