Emerson EnergyMaster DPU User Manual

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Energy Master
The EnergyMaster
DPU (Data Processing Unit) is a standalone site monitoring unit. It provides
remote monitoring for control of energy equipment and environmental control of telecom site
with its powerful functionality, facilitating easy maintenance and management of a site.
The DPU not only provides common analog/digital inputs and outputs, but also provides AC/
Diesel monitoring via SM AC, battery monitoring via SM BAT and a large number of generic I/O
via SM IO. Moreover, the DPU can communicate with Emerson or 3rd party intelligent equipment
via its serial port, which will improve its monitoring capabilities for intelligent equipment.
If maintenance and site visits, related to the telecom site, are based upon this information they
can be optimized to save both time and money, especially if the site is located remotely.
The information and alarms, from a speci c site, can be monitored or checked by means of a
simple web browser or special monitoring software. When using a web browser no additional
software is needed and the login to monitor the site is password protected.
The DPU is a supervision and control unit designed for global use, achieving high telecom
standards, and providing great exibility and expandability.
Features and Benefits
Easy-to-install in sites with similar
con gurations: easily con gurable le
upload / download
Powerful monitoring functions: Support
4 serial ports on board, able to connect
SM modules and various third-party
intelligent equipment by developing
protocol adaption and con guration les
High quality failure information: Due to
intelligent alarm setup through PLC use
Quick failure analysis: storage of the most
recent 400 alarms
Convenient data analysis: Up to 600 real
time data points and 10 groups of battery
test log can be saved in local storage
Monitoring for
Business-Critical Continuity