Emerson ES2600RG User Manual

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What is an ES2600RG ?
The ES2600RG series was a single phase regenerative analog
DC motor speed control manufactured by Emerson Industrial
Controls from approximately 1985 to 1992. It was available as a
chassis unit or within an enclosure to control DC Shunt Wound
or Permanent Motors from 1/4 to 5HP from single phase 120vac
or 240vac power.
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Fincor 2230 Family
What replaces the ES2600RG ?
Our Fincor 2230 series can replace most of the ES2600
applications. The Fincor 2230 drives use state-of-the-art SMT
(Surface Mount Technology)- to provide a wealth of features within
a compact package. Fincor 2230 Drives are available in a NEMA
4/12 Enclosure or basic chassis mount models. All models have
a range of option kits available to extend functionality even further
beyond standard features.
Consult with Technical Support to insure retrofit compatibility for
your application.
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