Emerson Fisher 1051 and 1052 User Manual

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Fisherr 1052 Size 70 Diaphragm Rotary
Fisher 1052 size 70 spring‐return diaphragm rotary
actuators operate splined shaft rotary valves, such as
8580, 8532, 8590, CV500, V500, and Vee‐Ballt
(V150, V200 and V300) valves. 1052 actuators are
suitable for on‐off service or for throttling service.
This actuator is designed for easy installation of a
broad range of options: limit switches, position
indicating switches, positioners, and manual
over‐rides. Option applicability varies with actuator
size. Refer to the specifications table and table 4 for
information concerning option applicability and
nApplication Flexibility-- 1052 rotary actuators are
available with fail‐open or fail‐close construction
and can be mounted in any of four actuator‐valve
mounting positions. See figure 5 for mounting
positions. These actuators can be mounted on a
broad range of Fisher valves or used with other
nMinimal Dead Band-- Single joint linkage with
splined and clamped lever minimizes lost motion
and improves control accuracy.
nLong Service Life-- Rugged construction provides
stability, corrosion resistance, and protection from
deformation should over‐pressurization occur.
Typical Fisher 1052 Actuator with Vee‐Ball Valve and
FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller
nSafety-- The 1052 actuator has an externally
accessible spring adjuster to relieve spring
compression (see figure 1). Actuator‐valve linkage
is completely enclosed, yet the valve packing
adjustment remains accessible without removing
any parts (see figure 2).
1052 Actuator
Product Bulletin
February 2015