Emerson Fisher 1061 User Manual

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Fisherr 1061 Pneumatic Piston Rotary
Fisher 1061 pneumatic piston rotary actuators are
used to operate splined-shaft rotary control v alves
such as Vee-Ballt valves, eccentric disc valves, and
butterfly valves. The actuator/valve body linkage of
this actuator can be positioned for either
push-down-to-open or push-down-to-close action.
Additionally, the 1061 actuator can be used with a
two-position control signal for on-off service or with a
valve positioner for throttling service. An optional
handwheel actuator is also available to allow for
auxiliary or emergency manual valve operation when
the 1061 piston actuator is not in use. For complete
information on the valve positioner and the manual
handwheel actuator, refer to the appropriate bulletin.
Application Flexibility–Actuator is available in
push-down-to-open or push-down-to-close
construction and may be mounted in any of four
actuator/valve body mounting positions (see figure
Minimal Dead Band–Single-point linkage with
splined and clamped lever minimizes lost motion
and improves control accuracy.
Compact Construction–Compared to similar
actuators, overall size is reduced by as much as 30
1061 Actuator with FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Digital Valve
Controller Mounted on a Fisher V500 Valve
Long Service Life–Rugged construction provides
stability, corrosion resistance, and protection from
deformation should the actuator be over-pressured.
Accessibility–Actuator/valve body linkage is
completely enclosed, yet the valve packing
adjustment remains accessible without removing
any parts.
Monitoring Ease–Highly visible travel indicator
allows easy determination of valve position.
1061 Actuator
Product Bulletin
February 2013