Emerson Fisher 1077 User Manual

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Fisherr 1077 Manual Handwheel
Rotary Actuator
Fisher 1077 manual-only handwheel actuator is for use
with rotary-shaft valves such as the 9500 butterfly
valve; 8532, 8560, and 8580 eccentric disc valves;
V150, V200 and V300 Vee-Ballt valves; V250 valves;
and CV500 and V500 valves. Figure 1 shows the
gearbox of the actuator. In this actuator, torque is
transmitted from the handwheel through t he
handwheel input shaft to a worm and drive sleeve gear
(sector) with splined bore. The worm and drive sleeve
gear multiply the torque and transmit it to a splined
valve shaft or splined stub shaft. The size 10-KE:6
actuator additionally has a spur gear reduction drive
for increased torque capability.
Easy to Install and Maintain–Splined valve shaft
mates directly with the drive gear sleeve, reducing
the number of parts required and simplifying
installation and maintenance.
Easy to Operate–Handwheel rotation direction
required to open the valve disc or ball is marked on
the handwheel; the rotation indicator is marked in
bold print at the open and closed positions and with
bold incremental lines to indicate the valve disc or
ball position.
Consistency of Operation–When installed
according to instructions, clockwise handwheel
rotation closes the valve in all applications.
Accurate Valve Disc or Ball Positioning–Travel stops
can be adjusted and locked in place t o provide
accurate disc or ball positioning at closed
(0-degree) and open (90-degree) positions. Travel
stops for 60-degree operation may be used to
establish a disc or ball closing stop at any angle
Fisher 1077 Handwheel Actuator
Figure 1. Gearbox Subassembly
between 0 and 30 degrees and/or to establish a disc or
ball opening stop at any angle between 60 and 90
degrees. This option is available on sizes 2-KE and 7-KE
as a set screw change. For sizes 0-KE, 6-KE, 9-KE, and
10-KE:6, a different actuator is required when
changing from 90-degree to 60-degree ball rotation.
1077 Handwheel Actuator
Product Bulletin
July 2012